Those who consider themselves permanent students of the classroom of life, look at every person who enters into that classroom as teachers who teach a subject to ponder about and grow.

Walking through life, I have always seen myself as a student surrounded by teachers who have touched and enhanced my life immensely. 

This site houses most of the life lessons that I had learned throughout my life. I usually share my own experience backed up by scientific facts and research, so as to tackle the daily challenges we face in our day to day life.

So as to solve that problem, I reveal the most recent relevant research and clarify it in a way that you can surely embrace and really utilize.

With an aim to improve myself and live a better life, I tried to develop an attitude in which I can learn from every aspect of my life and its surroundings.

 As I share these science-based thoughts for carrying on with a better life, I learn from the habits and rituals of competitors, artists, and business people. By analyzing the narratives of best entertainers from a wide range of fields and understanding proved scientific principles, we can begin to persuade out the basic qualities that make these individuals the best at what they do.

My particular attention is on personal growth tips in view of proved reasonable research.

I trust the most ideal approach to change the world is in concentric circles: begin with yourself and work out from that point. 

If you change yourself for the good, at that point that is one less individual for the world to stress over. You’ll be in a situation to contribute as opposed to taking. You will maintain order as opposed to disorder.

I try to express the art and science of how to live better. Science since I am worried about the main drivers of our habits and the information behind the performance. Art since I need to make sense of how to apply these thoughts and place them into day by day practice.

In any case, I don’t simply express things. But, I try to experiment with the ideas for myself as I explore different avenues regarding building better habits as a writer, student, and weightlifter. At last, my work winds up being one-section narrating, one-section scholarly research, one-section individual trial. It’s a vivid mix of helpful stories, scholastic science, hard-earned insights.

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